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About Us

Center for Information Security Research and Education

The Center for Information Security Research and Education (CISRE) was established at the University of Houston in October 2007 to serve as a focal point for research and education regarding information assurance principles, practices, methods and tools. CISRE brings together public and private sector information assurance experts, professionals and organizational security managers to collaboratively pursue and advocate public and private information assurance programs and events that support research, classroom instruction and training in information assurance.

Although CISRE functionally serves the Houston region as an impartial academic and research organization, CISRE is designed to facilitate information security research, education, and training beyond just the Houston region. With a focus on the industries centered in the gulf coast region, CISRE serves the nation in high quality research and education in support of securing the homeland.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the world’s foremost center for multidisciplinary education and development of operational capabilities in the areas of information assurance and security. CISRE was developed to expand the existing knowledge base through research into technology based solutions associated with information security. A key element of CISRE is a broad, multidisciplinary based information security curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in the information security field.

CISRE is designed to leverage the university’s strengths as part of the solution to the nation’s Homeland Security needs and deficit of information assurance talent and resources. CISRE leads Houston’s charge to become a nationally recognized center for information security issues. Inquiries regarding CISRE activities, events, and membership are strongly encouraged and welcomed.