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Event Name Date(s)
CIS 6397 Special Topics Class Summer 2021 Security Tools, Dr. Conklin
A hands-on exploration of security tools used in incident response, forensics, reverse engineering, and other security areas. Students will choose a path of tools and develop a level of competency associated with the tools in their area. Pre-requisite: Approval of the Instructor.
CIS 6397 Special Topics Class Fall 2021 Security Operations Center Analyst, Mr. Ross Burke
A practicum-based class on building a SOC around ELK stack based SIEM, and its use in common problem scenarios. Pre-requisite: CIS 6322
DOE CyberForce
A team will be formed for DOE CyberForce event in Fall semester. This is a hands-on competition involving defending critical infrastructure. We have hosted a team the past 3 CyberForce events and will do so again. It will be in November at one of the DOE national labs. The program will cover travel expenses for team members.
Hou.Sec.Con is Houston’s own local security conference. This year it will be in early October at a local venue, Covid19 willing. Otherwise, it will be virtual like last year. Attendance is >600 local security professionals, and this is the opportunity to see and hear from our local security leaders. For student volunteers, attendance can even be free.
Hacker Halted
Hackers Halted by EC-Council Virtual. Multiple students participated in the 2020 event and it was a very informative experience.
The largest con associated with cybersecurity, DefCon takes place in Las Vegas every summer in late July/early August. This event has it all, from competitions, to talks, to hands-on experience areas. This is where the hackers go to share ideas and news. Low cost entrance fee – less than $300, and relatively low-cost lodging in Las Vegas, this is a place to learn and even find a job. Numerous former students got their first job via interviews gained during networking at DefCon. for more details and specifics.
SANS Virtual Summits
SANS has opened up all of its virtual summits for free for the remainder of the 2021 season.

Purple Team Summit | May 24-25
CloudSecNext Summit | June 3-4
DFIR Summit | July 22-23
Security Awareness Summit | August 5-6
Blue Team Summit | September 9-10
Threat Hunting Summit | October 7-8
Pen Test HackFest Summit | November 11-12
Women in Control Systems Cyber Security Fall Event
Come and join us for an exciting all day Cyber Security talks, workshop and panel discussion. The program is especially focused for students and addresses cybersecurity industry trends, current skill needs and emerging opportunities.
SIM Houston Cyber Security SIG Event
The Latest in U.S. Privacy: CCPA, Nevada in effect 10/1, NIST Privacy Framework , and the FTC Settlement with Facebook.
Cyber Security Training in Houston
Industrial Control Systems Security Summit, taught by leading security practitioners, provide hands-on training with practical exercises and immersive labs. Courses can be taken in a classroom setting at multi-course events or in single course venues.
Houston Cyber Security Summit 2019
This is an exclusive conference connecting Senior Level Executives responsible for their company’s critical data with innovative solution providers & renowned information security experts. Engage in panel discussions focusing on trending cyber topics such as Cloud Security, the Dark Web, Insider Threat, Ransomware, and more.
14th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference
Join us at the 14th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference & Expo and discover methods for thwarting the bad guys, what the scene looks like over the horizon and how the latest technologies can help you counter cyber espionage, address cyber warfare, and make your cyber efforts secure.
Past Events Date
Key Technical/Non Technical Skills Required in Cyber Security
Speaker: Melanie Wright, Security Operation Center Analyst at Schlumberger. 7+ years of experience in the industry.
UH Fall 2018 Cybersecurity Event
Join us at the Fall 2018 Cybersecurity Event at the University of Houston on November 14th
Houston Microsoft Security Meetup
Sessions will be hosted at the Microsoft Technology Center. This is for any professionals that are interested to share and learn how to secure their environments whether its on-premise or in the cloud around Microsoft related products/features.
Cyber Security Training (November)
Cultivate the skills needed to design and implement a comprehensive information security strategy. Our Expert Instructors will guide you through a combination of independent study, lectures, and group work approaching the practice of cyber security through a managerial lens.
Cyber Risk and Business Disruption Insurance
Our presenter will discuss the various types of insurance that respond to certain expenses and loss of income after a cyber or other catastrophic event hits your business.
Cyber Security Training (October)
Cultivate the skills needed to design and implement a comprehensive information security strategy. Our Expert Instructors will guide you through a combination of independent study, lectures, and group work approaching the practice of cyber security through a managerial lens.
10/08/2018 & 10/09/2018
2018 CAE Virtual Career Fair
The job fair will connect students from CAE designated schools with employers looking to fill internships, part-time positions, and full-time positions. Each student will be required to upload a resume before attending the CAE Virtual Career Fair.
Houston TechFest Spring 2018 Edition
Join us at San Jacinto college for a great day with some of the best developers in the Gulf area.
HouSecCon 8.0
Houston’s 8th Annual Information Security Conference
04/03/2018 – 04/04/2018
US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quests Spring 2018
US Cyber Challenge’s annual Cyber Quests competition is now open for registration! Everyone is invited to participate: young/old, career/hobbyists, local/international…etc. Those who rank as top performers, and who are US citizens and at least 18 yrs old, are eligible to attend one of USCC’s cyber camps this summer.
Registration Closes: 04/30/2018